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God Working With Men And Women

Who are the homeless people? Why are they homeless? What do the homeless need? Why donít our public programs work? How can we help? - Homeless adults feel that what they need most are help finding a job, help finding affordable housing, and help paying for housing. However, the main types of assistance that homeless people usually receive are clothing, transportation and help with public benefits. We need to understand homelessness; and we need to understand the special needs of homeless children, homeless women, homeless veterans and homeless seniors.


HOMELESS doesnít mean we never had a family or even that we have drug/alcohol problems. The biggest reason for homelessness is unaffordable housing then itís job loss, sickness, divorce.

HOMELESS is not something people do for ďa livingĒ... if it were so easy why would anyone work?

HOMELESS doesnít mean we are a certain color. Please remember God made us different so weíd learn how to love. By the way, how are you doing?

HOMELESS doesnít mean we just need a cup of soup and a blanket. We arenít just hungry, we are actually homeless.

HOMELESS means we cannot get a home with reasonable payments because as HOMELESS we often have lost our credit through illness, divorce or a situation beyond our control.

HOMELESS doesnít mean we donít know the Lord. Like you, we know we will answer to Him for everything we do and donít do in the end. Thatís why most of us are quiet, kind, helpful and careful people. We may be poor but we arenít stupid. The church is said to be the only place that shoots its wounded. Please, stop shooting.

HOMELESS means getting a job can be nearly impossible with no phone or address or even a place to do up a resume and keep it clean and presentable. Sometimes we can use the computer in a library but usually they donít want us there. If we are disabled then we cannot work for one year.If we do we will NEVER get disability payments until we are out of work for one year. Itís the law.
If we are mentally ill then we really donít know what to do.The world is a terribly scary place ...

HOMELESS doesnít mean we are 100% ok that day that you meet us.Did you ever have a day where you didnít do things exactly right because of a situation or news you didnít care for? Try our lifestyle on for size and see how you feel.

HOMELESS, especially if we have no young children, are not abused, or are not a senior citizen, is a position society doesnít work well with. They have no reason to help us.
But you would think the church could figure it out.

HOMELESS means God would expect you to do exactly as the Bible says because anything less will leave us HOMELESS .

We appreciate a meal but more than that invite us to your Bible study, give us a Bible with our name on it like we used to have, be faithful and donít forget to pick us up early
so we can bathe and put clean clothes on at your house. Honor our trust with love, not indifference.

Donít tell others of our homelessness until we have the chance to develop friendships based on love, not based on ďHOMELESSĒ and peopleís prejudices. Play fair is all we ask.

HOMELESS is perhaps one of the ultimate tests for the successful Christian, whether itís you or me.

HOMELESS is not a state of living, itís the ultimate position for miracles....donít just pray, ACT. ANYTHING LESS is not faith and wonít please God.

Donít just be touched for this moment while you read this. Make a difference. Forget fear; it has no place in Godís Kingdom.

Praise the Lord for new avenues to help those who you would consider ďthe least of theseĒ... of course only fear and prejudice determines ďthe least of theseĒ but by societyís standards we are just that.

Heaven is a place we wonít be HOMELESS anymore. But until then we need more than prayers... The poorest of poor take in people who need help. Canít you do at least that much?


Lynn Marie Moen



God will help !!

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Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. - Lamentations 3:32

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